Zarges are proud to announce the arrival of their new mobile height adjustable scaffold which has been added to the popular ZAP range – which aims to combine the benefits of ladders and scaffolds. Designed to offer ease of mobility and multiple working heights, the ZAP range provides comfortable, roomy work platforms, allowing both hands free to work. Equipment in the range can be transported easily, folded compactly making it ideal for professional and maintenance tasks.

The ZAP mobile scaffold is available in two sizes and offers rapid height adjustment from platform heights of 1.25 metres up to a maximum of 3.58 metres in 25 centimetres increments.

The scaffold is very quick to erect due to the self-locking folding diagonal braces. Once the end frames are in place a trapdoor platform with integral toe boards can be quickly located and locked in place. Side guardrails are provided. The base unit has height adjustable outriggers with footplates to provide stability on uneven ground, increasing the overall footprint to 1.90 x 2.30 and 2.30 x 2.85 metres.

The simple single-handed, ‘push up’ operation of height adjustment is based on a self-locking principle which enables different heights to be reached with only one working platform.  Swivel castors ensure ease of movement both when the scaffold is erected and when folded, allowing it to pass easily through large doors.

ZAP height adjustable scaffolds have two platform sizes, 0.5 x 1.95 metres and 0.6 x 2.50 metres and have a compact storage footprint of 0.80 x 2.30 metres or 1.20 x 2.85 metres.

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